Services We Offer

We work closely with the owner, architect and all subcontractors to ensure that a project stays on schedule and under budget. After the project is complete, we take every precaution to ensure that the work meets the owner’s expectations. We warranty all of our work for a one-year period, and we perform a mandatory 11-month walk-through, designed to identify any problems or malfunctions that need to be corrected before the warranty expires.

Project Evaluation

Identify customer needs and expectations Define scope of project Identify project components Provide monthly progress reports.

Virtual Assistance

Assist in identifying Cost Control & Scheduling. Evaluate materials, systems and delivery Involve subcontractors and vendors Provide alternative solutions.

Cost Control

Develop conceptual estimate / cost models Provide detailed cost breakdown Prepare final project cost estimate Verify and expedite fabrication and delivery.

All of Our Services

  1. Commercial projects (including drafting and design)
  2. Residential projects (including drafting and design)
  3. Interior design services (including drafting and design)
  4. Civil contracts
  5. Estimation
  6. Architectural work
  7. bricklaying
  8. building of room components (for example, kitchens, bathroom components, laundry components, cupboards and similar components)
  9. construction management
  10. electrical work
  11. flooring (for example, tiling, laying carpet, laying linoleum, timber flooring, floating floors, resilient flooring, slate tiles, and similar flooring)
  12. installation of fittings
  13. installation of windows
  14. landscaping construction (including paving and design)
  15. painting (internal and external surfaces, including roofs)
  16. plastering (or other wall and ceiling construction)
  17. plumbing work
  18. preparation of site
  19. project management
  20. tiling (walls and similar structures)
  21. wallpapering
  22. waterproofing interior and exterior surfaces

Our Vision

We don’t just build properties, we build relationships. We get to know our clients so that when we arrive at your workplace, we are not strangers but rather familiar faces and partners in making your project successful


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